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Packrafting brings you a whole new range of possibilities to enjoy outdoors. This extraordinary mode of transportation follows you, on the top of a backpack or inside a suitcase, anywhere you choose to explore. You’ll have the ability to experience the most beautiful destinations and reach the places where others are only dreaming to go. And you can do this without getting your feet wet!

A packraft is a compact product with unlimited ways to experiment within your imagination. We take packrafts with us to anywhere – hiking, trekking, biking, fishing, hunting etc. For us it’s a perfect choice for exploring the wilderness or paddling around archipelago, but we also enjoy a peaceful packrafting on a waterfront of a city center. Some of us have even taken it on beach holidays. The most enthusiastic packrafters may use MRS packrafts throughout the year.

Inflating the packraft couldn’t be easier! It’s inflated by using an ingenious inflation bag, included in every packraft. Check out an example video down below or from our YouTube Channel. An extremely handy Flextail Gear Max Pump is also available, see it in action here!

MRS - Micro Rafting System

We at Melomo are proud to represent MRS-packrafts. The inflatable, very robust (scratch resistant) packrafts weight only 3-5 kilograms. These packrafts are the result of German-Asian product development and manufactured in far east. Melomo has also contributed in development, for example MRS Viking Self Bailer is the latest exciting release. All products are handmade in small batches, and the high quality can be seen in well designed and produced details (sewn and heat-welded seams), streamlined shape and built-in equipment (several grab loops, backrest and one-way flow control valve).

Although packrafts are lightweight, compact and handy – they can carry a load of 150-300 kg. Therefore, you may take along your hiking gear, a dog or a fatbike. Packrafts are designed to be a reliable and long-standing companion which are durable in any conditions – whitewater rivers or windy seas – enduring ever-changing weather. More about the robust and flexible material here.

The low center of gravity and the hulls on both sides make the packraft very stable and therefore even a paddler without previous canoeing experience doesn’t have to worry about tipping over. Of course, there are differences between models.

MRS Microraft can be considered as a universal model – it is easy to maneuver and very stable even in windy conditions. It is a perfect choice for a relaxed paddling or other easy-going enjoyment on water. Of course, it is very capable in rivers and we constantly use it in rapids and whitewater packrafting. Alligator 2S Pro and Viking Self Bailer are especially designed for rapids and whitewater. Used by experts and professionals, it gives answers for all high demand requirements for long distance paddling as well. However, Nomad S1 D with streamlined design and a removable fin gives you speed and smoothness on still water paddling. Tulo and Ponto are the simplest and lightest of MRS packrafts.

Adventure X2 and Barracuda R2 are designed for two people. Naturally, they have more carrying capacity (250/300 kg) and space. These are your choice for a relaxed two-person paddling on a still water, but when needed they are very capable in rivers and rapids as well. These tandem packrafts are also a great alternative for the single paddler who needs a roomy solo boat to bring a lot of gear; a bicycle, a dog and/or hunting & fishing equipment.

Altogether, from our range of products you’ll find a lightweight and compact equipment, which allows you to find whole new range of experiences in nature.

To ensure the best experience with your packraft, inflate it properly, so that wrinkles from the sides no longer show! After using the inflation bag or Max Pump, you need to use and/or train your lungs to make the finishing touch. Cold water is likely to suppress the air inside a bit, so keep this in mind when inflating. Release some air if you plan to leave your packraft in direct sunlight to dry. Avoid excess sand and dirt from getting inside your raft.

The spraydeck is a brilliant gear which is always included with our packrafts. Although we can’t ensure 100% waterproofness, this spraydeck is made for wet environments when splashes or a heavy rain seeks to find a way in. We have found it essential on whitewater packrafting but on a warm sunny day it’s also nice to go without it.

There are two types of spraydecks: Alligator’s semi-detachable spraydeck is attached on your waist like a skirt and therefore you may dislocate the skirt during paddling, but it cannot be rolled up like in Microraft. The spraydeck of Microraft is conveniently attached with velcro-zipper combination, which allows very flexible opening and closure as well as quick-release. And if the spraydeck is not needed, it’s easy to roll up and attach in the front.

Internal Storage System (ISS)

Usually your pack of supplies, hiking gear etc travels with you on top of the bow or between your legs. So often the Hiko Treks or other backpacks are seen tied up over the bow making the combination become a kind of a symbol of packrafting. Transporting your supplies like this, actually, makes packraft even more stable, but there are some downsides as well: your gear might get wet and there is only limited space if you want to keep safe balance with you.

These disadvantages may be avoided using the Internal Storage System (ISS) –  the cargo zipper in your packraft. This robust, waterproof and pressure resistant zipper allows you to store your gear inside the hull tubes, from the stern. The ISS also includes two waterproof drybags which hold your gear: fill the drybags with gear and air, place inside the tubes and then inflate. Using ISS places center of gravity even lower making packraft more stable and therefore the maneuverability and handling in whitewater increases. With ISS, your capacity is larger, and the gear stays 100% dry. Note: Unlike other MRS models, the Nomad S1 D-model has the optional ISS2 meaning two zippers in the middle of the packraft.

However, it’s worth noticing that you’re unable to open ISS on the water and therefore all the things you’d need during paddling have to be within your reach. You won’t have to worry about opening it accidentally, because you’ll need a firm grip and a very strong momentum to open this zipper, compared the a regular one. The performance of this pressure resistant The TiZip®- Superseal is outstanding.  These strong and durable high quality zippers are used in watersports but also in demanding protective clothing.

The TiZip®- Superseal, used by MRS, is resistant to abrasion, UV light and salt water, and as closed, it is well protected to damage caused by dirt. Although, opening and closure will require more care and attention: rinse all visible dirt away before opening and avoid unnecessary contact with sand while opened. Manufacturer also recommends lubricating the slider occasionally allowing it to stay fully contact free against the zipper tape and the sealing edge.

See the details on TiZip® Superseal here!


”But you cannot go to whitewater with these rubber boats!”

Let’s get this straight: Yes you can! For years we have been paddling with MRS packrafts in lakes, fjords and rivers in Finland, Sweden and Norway, and paddling down rapids and whitewaters. Damaging the packraft during normal operation is very unlikely, but if some day one needs to be fixed, we have a very handy Melomo Packraft repair kit for you (sold separately in our store). However, according to the manufacturer and our own experiments, breaking a MRS packraft requires direct violence with cutting edge, self-evident misuse or a very unfortunate accident. If the damage is to come, the process goes in the same way as bicycle rubber repair. All MRS Packrafts have a warranty of 3 years granted by the manufacturer.

MRS packrafts are made of urethan coated nylon which is very robust and flexible material. Compared to PVC or Hypalon, urethan coated nylon gives much better resistance against abrasion being UV tolerant at the same time. It stays very flexible even in low temperatures, so you’ll be able to enjoy packrafting throughout the year. Not to mention, that urethan coated nylon is almost non-aging and very lightweight material. This main element of packrafts is, by the way, officially classified as TPU plastic which is widely used also in cellphones, ski boots, heart rate monitors, cable glands etc. Quite sturdy stuff it is then! Official codes categorized by each packraft:

Packrafts have a special coating to create a smooth and scratch resistant surface. The coating is executed asymmetrically by creating the outer side thicker than the inner side. This gives us a strong but flexible material which ensures not only convenience but also the fact that every time you roll up the packraft you do not have to sweat but use the leftover strength for something better like packrafting.

Materials are as follows:

Seat & backrest
Deck / spray skirt
Tulo, Ponto, Nomad S1 210D high-strength Nylon with single Urethane coating (0,35mm 67Tx55T 90 A Ether TPU) 420D high tear resistant Nylon with double Urethane coating (0,5mm 67Tx55T 90 A Ether TPU) 210D weaved Nylon with single-sided urethane coating
Microraft, Adventure X2, Barracuda R2 210D high-strength Nylon with single Urethane coating (0,35mm 67Tx55T 90 A Ether TPU) 840D high tear resistant Nylon with double Urethane coating (0,6mm 67Tx55T 90 A Ether TPU) 210D weaved Nylon with single-sided urethane coating 70D Ripstop Nylon with 210D reinforcements, single-sided Urethane coating
Nomad S1 D, Alligator 2S 210D high-strength Nylon with single Urethane coating (0,35mm 67Tx55T 90 A Ether TPU) Tx55T 90 A Ether TPU) 840D high tear resistant Nylon with double Urethane coating (0,6mm 67Tx55T 90 A Ether TPU) 210D weaved Nylon with single-sided urethane coating 210D Ripstop Nylon with 420D reinforcements, single-sided Urethane coating
Alligator 2S Pro, Barracuda R2 Pro, Viking Self Bailer (black) 420D high-strength Nylon with single Urethane coating (0,4mm 67Tx55T 90 A Ether TPU) 840D high tear resistant Nylon with multiple Urethane coatings (0,6mm 67Tx55T 90 A Ether TPU) 210D weaved Nylon with single-sided urethane coating 210D Ripstop Nylon with 420D reinforcements, single-sided Urethane coating

We reserve the rights to make model-specific material changes.


The following table contains measurements provided by the manufacturer:

MRS Microraft XS
MRS Microraft S
MRS Microraft M
MRS Microraft L
MRS Microraft Extra Long
MRS Alligator 2S / 2S Pro / 2S Pro XXL
MRS Viking Self Bailer
MRS Adventure X2
MRS Barracuda R2
MRS Nomad S1 D (S1)
MRS Tulo
MRS Ponto
Weight (incl. spray deck/skirt & accessories) 3,20 kg 3,25 kg 3,5 kg 3,5 kg 4,2 kg 3,7 kg / 4,2 kg / 4,5 kg 4,2 kg 4,4 kg 5,1 kg 4,5 kg (3,6 kg) 2,3 kg 2,9 kg
Inner length 124 cm 131 cm 133 cm 135,5 cm 178,8 cm 131 cm (136 cm) 136 cm 175 cm 217 cm 171 cm 119 cm 135,5 cm
Outer length 235cm 250 cm 255 cm 258 cm 295 cm 255 cm (269 cm) 269 cm 305 cm 356 cm 289 cm 223 cm 254 cm
Inner width at hips 30,5 cm 31 cm 31,5 cm 32 cm 32 cm 32 cm (34 cm) 34 cm 34 cm 35 cm 30 cm 30 cm 33 cm
Outer width 83,5 cm 85 cm 86,5 cm 88 cm 89 cm 87 cm (92 cm) 92 cm 96 cm 97 cm 83 cm 81 cm 91 cm
Tube diameter 26,5 cm 27 cm 27,5 cm 28 cm 28,5 cm 27,5 cm (29 cm) 29 cm 31 cm 31 cm 26,5 cm 25,5 cm 29 cm
Capacity (advised/max) 108 kg/151 kg 120 kg/168 kg 128 kg/178 kg 136 kg/190 kg 167 kg/234 kg 110 kg/154 kg (120 kg/190 kg) 115 kg/180 kg 195 kg/273 kg 235 kg/329 kg 132 kg/185 kg 100 kg/140 kg 140 kg/196 kg

We reserve the rights to make model-specific measurement changes.

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