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MRS Minnow


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Weight: 2,15 kg
Maximum capacity: 135 kg
Material: 210D Ripstop Nylon with a scratch-resistant stronger olive green urethane coating*

The MRS Minnow is an exceptionally lightweight and highly compact packraft. The design emphasizes lightness and compressibility to ensure this packraft can be easily transported to the remotest wilderness and beyond the mountains. The Minnow is a smoothly maneuverable packraft and, like the Surveyor, has the seat positioned more centrally rather than at the stern, for optimal speed and steerability. Although the Minnow is suitable for shallow streams and other flowing waters, it is not made of as robust material as other MRS packrafts. Therefore, rocky rapids should be avoided, and it’s clear that this packraft is not the right choice for demanding rapids.

The Minnow is quite compact, so there is not a lot of space. Still, you can carry your camping gear by securing/placing it in both the front and back (recommended for even weight distribution). Compare the dimensions and sizes of the packrafts here.

The MRS Minnow comes with a filling bag, repair materials (excluding glue), and a detachable fin. A very handy accessory for every packraft owner is also the Flextailgear Max Pump. If your packraft needs repairing on an adventure, we recommend the separately sold Melomo repair kit.

Note: Your packraft is delivered with Melomon logos factory-printed on both sides of the bow, approximately 100 mm x 70 mm in size.

*For the Ultra Light series packrafts, the olive green (0.10mm) coating is thicker compared to the white (0.07mm) coating, making it more durable. That’s why at Melomo, we want to offer our customers only the olive green option, which has been proven to be the best for Finnish conditions.

Warranty: 3 years as granted by the manufacturer.


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