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MRS Adventure X2

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Weight: 4,4–5,2 kg
Spraydeck: None/C-type
Tested maximum capacity: 270 kg

The MRS Adventure X2 is like the Microraft’s double-seater big brother, naturally offering more floor space and load capacity than the one-person model. This agile duo is suitable for calm waters as well as rapids. Many adventurers use it as a spacious one-person raft – perfect for activities like bikerafting or hunting.

When used by two, the Adventure X2 is best suited for still water paddling, achieving easily a travel speed of 5-6 km/h. Thanks to its solid stability, when paddled solo, the Adventure X2 handles up to class III rapids well. However, when running rapids, the paddler should remember the lack of a spraydeck (optional extra) and the limited agility due to its longer hull, especially with heavy front loads, making quick line changes less agile than smaller units.

Available/orderable in the following variations:

  • Adventure X2 without extras (weight approx. 4,4 kg)
  • Adventure X2 with the ISS system (weight approx. 4,5 kg)
  • Adventure X2 with spraydeck (weight approx. 5,1 kg)
  • Adventure X2 with ISS system and spraydeck (weight approx. 5,2 kg)

With the handy ISS system, you can store items such as tents, sleeping bags, and spare clothes inside the pontoons, simultaneously lowering the center of gravity. The C-type spraydeck helps to keep water out of the packraft and is particularly useful when navigating rapids. Note that the spraydeck is for one paddler only.

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The MRS Adventure X2 includes an inflation bag, patching material (excluding glue), and a detachable MRS fin (height approx. 60 mm) with a pre-installed socket. The socket also fits a separately sold MRS fin with a height of 130 mm. If you choose the ISS version, the package also includes dry bags and a zipper lubrication tube.

The Flextailgear Max Pump is also a very convenient accessory for every packraft owner.

If your packraft happens to need repairs on one of your adventures, we recommend the separately sold packraft repair kit or the Helaplast glue for gluing the patch materials included with the raft.

Note: Your packraft comes with factory-printed Melomo logos. The logos are on both sides of the bow, sized approximately 100 mm x 70 mm.

Warranty: 3 years, provided by the manufacturer.


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