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Welcome to the Packrafts section! Here you will find a comprehensive selection of MRS packrafts imported by Melomo, which are excellent companions for both short and longer adventures, from calm water to demanding white water. See below for the new Ultra Light models, as well as the more classic one and two person models. The range includes models without spray decks and three different types of spray decks. Most models are available with an optional ISS zipper for transporting your gear.

Ultra Light packrafts

One person packrafts

Two person packrafts

As seen above, the MRS range includes packrafts for various needs. Our selection offers both single and double packrafts in different sizes, so you can enjoy water adventures alone or with a partner. The new Ultra Light series packrafts are designed specifically for those looking for an extremely light and compact option. They are best suited for calm flat water paddling and also river paddling, but it is advisable to avoid rocky rapids with the Ultra Light models’ 420D floor. In other models, the 840D floor withstands contact with rocks well, but of course, it is always advisable to have a repair kit with you on trips just in case!

Most models are available in color options (typically green, yellow, red, and blue), and many come with an optional ISS zipper, through which you can pack some of your luggage inside the packraft during paddling. The ISS is a great addition for longer trips when you have more luggage, but it also requires care, such as cleaning, drying, and occasional lubrication.

MRS packrafts are known for their excellent design, high-quality materials, and finish. Good design means that the frames are balanced so that paddling with the recommended load is smooth and enjoyable, and the bow does not rise too much. MRS packrafts are designed to withstand demanding conditions and offer a safe and enjoyable paddling experience in all situations. Whether it’s a relaxed day trip on a nearby lake or a multi-day hiking trip amidst rapids, an MRS packraft gives you the freedom to explore nature in a new and exciting way.

Explore our range and find the model that suits you best. We are here to help you choose the right model that meets your specific needs, so please contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about the models. Whether your goal is lightness, performance, or durability, Melomo’s packraft selection is sure to have the right individual for every need. Experience waterways in a new way – new routes await!