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We love outdoors. If you feel the same – and enjoy being on waters – you’ve come to the right place! Melomo was created when a few passionate and enthusiastic Finnish fellows wanted to share the ease of packrafting with all others. With packrafts we have enjoyed such unforgettable – both relaxing and thrilling – moments in beautiful lakes, peaceful coves and wild rivers. If you’re heading to hiking, trekking, kayaking, fishing, hunting or just want to relax – you’ll find new levels of enjoyment when you combine your plans with a packraft. Packrafting will open a whole new world and you’ll reach easily those places which were hidden before – experience the unexperienced. You can read more about our MRS packrafts here. If you’re interested in testing a packraft we offer various rental options. If you’re planning to buy your own packraft or some equipment, please visit our store. We are happy to give all kind of guidance or information you might come to think of. We also offer an installment plan to your purchases. To see our packrafts in action, check out our social media.

MRS-packrafts in a nutshell

Compact & handy

MRS Packraft weights (depending on a model) about 3-5 kg and is easily foldable into a size of a sleeping bag. Therefore, you may easily carry a packraft in your backpack, bicycle etc. It takes about 5 minutes to set up.


Your packraft is very reliable companion. Urethan coated nylon is very robust and flexible even in low temperatures. It’s also UV tolerant.


Packrafting doesn’t require a lot of water – you may easily slide in shallow waters. With a firm stroke you can change your course instantly. With a steady and determined paddling, you’ll reach a speed of 4-5 km/h.

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OutdoorExpo 2023 tuotepaketti!

Messujen kunniaksi tarjoamme packraftin ostajille kaupan päälle tuotepaketin jolla melontareissut pääsevät seuraavalle tasolle.

Lisää packraft ja tuotepaketti ostos­koriin, käytä kuponki GOEXPO-213G ostoskorissa tai kassalla. Tarjous voimassa 9.4.2023 saakka.

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