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MRS Viking EVO X2 Pro Self Bailer

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Weight: 8,75 kg
Spraydeck: None
Tested maximum capacity: 300 kg

A long-awaited new addition to the range of MRS packrafts! The MRS Viking EVO X2 Pro Self Bailer is basically a Barracuda equipped with a self bailing water removal system. Inspired by Melomo, MRS has spent a lot of time, effort and the best know-how developing a self bailing solution that really works. This completely new and innovative self bailing solution patented by MRS is revolutionary in its practicality: the accumulation and removal of water is concentrated in the leg parts of both paddlers, so the amount of water traveling along is very small. However, even a large amount of water coming on board (from whitewater or waves) drains very quickly and efficiently from the bottom drainage holes. The drainage hole at the bottom of the packraft is equipped with a shielding plate to reduce the holes resistance.

The MRS Viking EVO X2 Pro Self Bailer has therefore been specially designed for demanding rapid conditions, so it is perfectly suited for routes where rapids are more than expected. However, it is all in all a very versatile packraft and is also suitable for sea conditions. The shapes of the bow and stern make it very streamlined and fast. This model has a length of up to 3.8 m, so the frame/platform is even slightly longer than in Barracuda.
The practical 5-point pro thigh straps ensure both paddlers to have a firm paddling position and immediate power transfer. This model also has thea black extra-reinforced coating intended for demanding conditions (like in the other pro models). Melomo crew appreciates the freedom brought by the open packraft (without spraydeck), which makes it easy to board  and, if necessary, easily perform ‘self rescue’ as well.

Also worth noting:

  • completely renewed benches, which have separate 5L storage spaces with TiZip® zippers
  • patented EVA Foam backrests that provide very firm paddling position

The MRS Viking EVO X2 Pro Self Bailer includes:

  • pro thigh straps (for both paddlers)
  • dry sacks for the ISS system (included as standard) + a tube of lubricant for the TiZip®
  • removable MRS skeg (height 60 mm)
  • inflation bag
  • patching material (excl. glue)

Paddle recommendation: The MRS Viking EVO X2 Pro has enough length for both paddlers to be able to use the kayak paddles, giving maximum speed and efficiency. Therefore the 220 cm long Aqua Bound Manta Rays are excellent choice for demanding use. Alternatively, the adjustable Bending Branches Slice Plus paddles would also be a great option for this packraft.

Inflation: A very handy for every packraft owner is the Flextailgear Max Pump. Whether you fill your packraft with this pump or a inflation bag, the finishing must be done with strong blows (through the one-way valve on top). Instead of blowing, finishing can easily be made with the MRS foot pump.

If your packraft happens to need repair on one of your adventures, we recommend the separately sold: Melomo packrafting repair kit.

Note Your packraft is delivered with factory-printed Melomo logos. The logos are approx. 100 mm x 70 mm on both sides of the bow.

Warranty: 3 years granted by the manufacturer.

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