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MRS Viking EVO Self Bailer ISS

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Color: Black, green seams

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Weight: 5,4 kg

The updated version of the MRS Viking Self Bailer. Although the MRS Viking Self Bailer is specifically designed for whitewater conditions, it is a highly versatile packraft with the same spacious hull/platform as the Alligator 2S Pro XXL. Due to its streamlined design, the Viking is fast and thus also suitable for long paddling trips, but especially indeed for challenging conditions, like in the rapids. The Viking embodies exactly the most important aspects needed in challenging whitewater: stability, agility, and excellent maneuverability. The freedom brought by the absence of a spray deck, which makes it easier to perform, for example, a ‘self rescue’ into the raft, adds its own value. The product development of the original Viking was led by Melomo Oy.

Self Bailing feature in brief: Water splashing (from rapids) is able to exit through a protected gap in the bottom by gravity. Since there is always a bit of water in the foot space, the packraft’s bottom is covered with an extended inflatable bench + a front foot support. The front foot support can be filled/adjusted to the length of your choice. Practical 5-point pro thigh straps ensure a firm grip and immediate power transfer. This model also uses (as do the pro models) a black extra-reinforced coating intended for demanding conditions.

The updated version has the following new features: A revolutionary practicality in the updated foot space’s innovative self bailing solution. Water accumulation and removal are centralized only in the foot space, reducing the amount of water carried compared to previous Self bailer models. The floor’s “leak holes” can also be almost completely closed, reducing water accumulation significantly and also making water removal more efficient. This makes the Viking noticeably lighter and more nimble.

  • A completely redesigned bench with a separate 5L storage space with TiZip® zipper
  • A patented EVA Foam back support that provides very firm support

The MRS Viking EVO Self Bailer ISS comes with a filling bag, pro thigh straps, repair materials, a detachable MRS fin (about 60 mm high), and a bottom-mounted socket. Also included as standard with the ISS system are dry bags and a zipper lubrication tube. So, in this model, the bench has a small 5L TiZip® storage space and the pontoons’ ISS system.

A very handy accessory for every packraft owner is also the Flextailgear Max Pump portable pump. If your packraft needs repair on an adventure, we separately recommend the Melomo repair kit.

Note: Your packraft will be delivered with factory-printed Melomo logos. The logos are approximately 100 mm x 70 mm on both sides of the bow.

Warranty: 3 years granted by the manufacturer.

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