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MRS Microraft Extra Long

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Weight: 4,2 kg
Spraydeck: Type C
Tested maximum capacity: 230 kg

Now we are talking about the extra-long version of the MRS Microraft! This model is designed not only for paddlers with long legs but especially for bikerafting enthusiasts. The dimensions are the same as the L-sized Microraft, but with an additional length of over 40cm. This model is still very agile and even faster than the standard Microraft. It has also been found to be reliable in rapids, although tight line changes might not be as nimble with a heavy front load.

Compare the dimensions and sizes in more detail from our packraft-info page!

The MRS Microraft Extra Long includes an inflation bag, patching material (excluding glue), and a detachable MRS fin (height approx. 60 mm) with a pre-installed socket. The socket also fits a separately sold MRS fin with a height of 130 mm. If you choose the ISS version, the package also includes dry bags and a zipper lubrication tube.

The Flextailgear Max Pump is also a very convenient accessory for every packraft owner.

If your packraft happens to need repairs on one of your adventures, we recommend the separately sold packraft repair kit or the Helaplast glue for gluing the patch materials included with the raft.

Note: Your packraft comes with factory-printed Melomo logos. The logos are on both sides of the bow, sized approximately 100 mm x 70 mm.

Warranty: 3 years, provided by the manufacturer.

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without ISS, ISS (+200€)


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5 reviews for MRS Microraft Extra Long

  1. Finnish

    Antti-Jussi Korjonen

    Hyvälaatuinen lautta, tavaraa mahtuu ja kantavuutta riitää!

  2. Finnish

    Ann-Christine H.

    Peitteen aukko voisi olla vähän isompi. Muuten tosi kiva vehke!

  3. Finnish

    Sam Viitaniemi

    on kova

  4. Finnish

    Lasse N.

    Pari reissua takana niin voin sanoa että on tukeva laskea isojakin koskia, sekä mahtuu tavarat hyvin kyytiin vaikka viikonkin reissulle

  5. Finnish

    Tero Laaksomaa

    Todella kevyt ja pieneen pakkautuva lautta.

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