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MRS Surveyor X2

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Weight: 3,75 kg
Maximum carrying capacity: 220 kg
Material: 420D bottom + 210D pontoon Ripstop Nylon with a scratch-resistant stronger olive green urethane coating*

The MRS Surveyor X2 is an ultra-lightweight and highly compact packraft designed for two paddlers. The design has achieved lightness and excellent mobility without sacrificing comfort. The Surveyor X2 features a streamlined long hull, making it an extremely smooth and fast raft for a duo. This is an excellent choice for paddlers who value lightness and speed on calm waters. The Surveyor X2 is also suitable for flowing waters, but it is not as sturdy as other MRS packrafts. Therefore, naturally, rocky rapids should be avoided, and this packraft is not recommended for challenging rapids.

With an ample internal length of 213 cm, the Surveyor X2 offers enough space and comfort for both paddlers. All your camping gear can be secured in both the front and back. Alternatively, by selecting the ISS feature as an accessory, you can easily carry all your camping gear by placing them inside the packraft’s hull.**

The MRS Surveyor X2 comes with a filling bag, repair materials (excluding glue), and a detachable fin. A very handy accessory for every packraft owner is also the Flextailgear Max Pump. If your packraft requires repairs during an adventure, we recommend the separately sold Melomo repair kit.

Paddle recommendation: The MRS Surveyor X2 is long enough for both paddlers to use kayak paddles effectively, providing maximum speed and efficiency. A 220 cm long Melomo paddle is well-suited for versatile camping use. For a more relaxed paddling pace, one can use canoe paddles modified from the Melomo Hybrid to avoid splashing water. Optimal combination: 2 x Melomo paddles + 1 x Hybrid Handles.

Note: Your packraft is delivered with factory-printed Melomon logos on both sides of the bow, approximately 100 mm x 70 mm in size.

*For the Ultra Light series packrafts, the olive green (0.10mm) coating is thicker compared to the white (0.07mm) coating, thus more durable. That’s why at Melomo, we only offer the olive green option, which has been proven to be the best for Finnish conditions.

**The Ultra Light-series ISS-models do not include dry bags.

Warranty: 3 years as granted by the manufacturer.


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