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Rodrig Fishing Sack

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The Rodrig fish bag is a much-anticipated solution for anglers who want to keep their catch fresh. The sturdy fish bag allows you to store fish outside the packraft in cold water.

Measuring 45×40 cm, the bag can hold approx. 6 kg of fish/equipment, and you can easily store all your extra gear in the bag when it’s not being used for fishing. The bag’s mesh structure is made of strong rubber, which provides good water flow and is also easy to clean. Thus, the bag is a long-term solution, and once washed, it remains clean and fresh from one trip to the next.

Size: 45 x 40 cm
Weight: 154 g
Material: 70% PVC mesh + 30% polyester-coated copper
Compatible with: Rodrig Carbon Flex rod holder, Rodrig Ultralight rod holder


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