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MRS Fishing Rod Holder

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MRS Fishing Rod Holder for packraft. With this accessory, you can achieve relaxed fishing moments while paddling!

The carbon fiber tube is for larger rods, the white foldable plastic holder can be used with lighter rods. The loops can be glued to either side of the stern, in the position according to the product image, a few centimeters apart. Possible installation locations are also, for example, the front area of the Adventure X2 and Barracuda R2 models. Sliding the pipe through the loops is recommended to be done before filling the raft, and this should be practiced a bit before going into the woods.

The package (total weight approx. 60 g) includes:

  • 2 loops
  • carbon fiber tube
    • length 200 mm
    • diameter from the inside 30 mm
  • foldable plastic holder
  • some string

We recommend Helaplast glue for installation!


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